Do Gel Nail Kits Worth It for Starters?

To get yourself a gel nail job, you have two ways: do it yourself or go to a professional salon where gel manicure services are given. In both options, you will see that authentic gel nail polish kits are employed. Any gel polish kit includes fundamental tools and some gel nail colors to get you started with your gel manicure.

What Is A Gel Nail Kit?

You can create professional nail arts by yourself or a salon depending on you. If you are busy and can’t attend salon appointments you can do it yourself. Gel nail polish kit is easy to use. Nail gel kit provides you with all the tools to get gel nails or nail gel manicures. Nail gel polish kit is used to color nails. Time period of a gel nail may be up to 16-18 days. Taking care of your nails using nail care products is very important. By doing this you can increase your gel nail job up to 3 to 4 weeks.

We need tools for creating nail arts like manicure tweezers, filters, brushes, nail gel, nail oil, nail polish remover, alcohol pads for removing glitter, gel, nail art tools, acrylic powder, cuticle pusher, scraper or cleanser.

How to Do Gel Nails

Firstly, use a cuticle pusher on your nails to push back on your nail skin and cut extra skin. Then use a gel scraper to remove extra gel. Then use a nail filer for filling the top cover. Use a buffing block to buff your nails for a thin layer. Also be aware of nail tools, because some tools are sharp and may hurt your nail or hands. Use it with proper care.

Use cotton pads and put hydrating nail spray on it, wipe nails with those cotton pads. Remove cuticles from the nails, cut with a nail cutter then use nail filler for better shape. In the end, use butter for shiny and smooth nails.

Apply a thin layer of base coat, use ultraviolet lights to dry the gel. Wait it for 15 to 30 seconds in LED lamps, then apply a thin layer of nail color gel of your choice. Again, wait for 30 seconds in UV lamps, use cotton pads or wipes and remove extra layers or dust. Lastly, apply nail oil and it’s done.

Nail gel kits are expensive with tools but also satisfying.  Also, time saving. You are in the car, office and home, you can do it with yourself. You don’t have to go to a nail trainer, depends on what you buy, a high quality kit or low. Totally depends on cost, gel nail manicure is more expensive than a classic gel nail polish kits.

Are Gel Nails Bad?

Nail gel looks good but it also has drawbacks like during washing hands, water enters in your nails and produces bacteria in it. When the peeling phase starts and you rip it off, it will take almost six months to restore your nails to their previous position. When you repeat again it increases infection and causes skin cancer, either or not but for nail gel the truth is that, nail gel is harmful for your nails. The main reason for harm is nail gel covering your natural nails and blocking the oxygen.

Gel nail is an artificial extension on your nail which is  cured under UV light or LED light. Many people believe that exposure to LED light is not harmful to the hands and since gel nails use these UV lights for extra time to make their nails durable, rest assured to use less time for these lights because it harms your skin and also causes (premature aging skin like dark spots and wrinkles). Wait for twenty to twenty five minutes when you put or apply gel on it.


Gel nails are popular all over the world. In the cosmetic Industry gel nails gained more popularity than regular gel polishes because of their longer lifespan, gel nail polish kits are used in households. Basically, nail gel is a creative work, create some art in your nails If you want to grow your nails you must try that nail gel kit and don’t worry about breaking. The purpose of using a gel nail kit is a layer on the surfaces of your natural nails. It can protect your natural nail from breaking, you can also do it yourself. It also looks beautiful and smooth, when you put a gel layer on, your natural nails are not oxidized, so do it smartly.