Good Health Magazine – May 2014
Nutrition now – 4 foods for youthful skin

Naturally Magazine – Feb 2014 – feature and extract.

“Did you know that it takes 28 days for your body to produce new skin cells in the deep layer and for them to travel up to the surface layer of the skin? In Younger Skin in 28 Days, Karen Fischer reveals how you can firm and tone your skin and take years off your appearance in a matter of weeks, largely by paying careful attention to what you put on your fork. With a 14 day meal plan and 80 delicious, quick and easy recipes, the book is this year’s hottest health fix. Ready and enjoy!” 

Nature and Health Magazine – 2014 Nutrition Guide

“Nutritionist Karen Fischer reveals the nutritious (and delicious! Foods that can firm and tone your skin, and take years off your appearance in just weeks”

Studio 10 – December 2013

Irish Tattler Man – Groom to Improve – April 2014

‘Seriously. What you put into your body has a profound effect on how you look and feel. And – crucially, if you’re closer to 50 than20 – how you age.Not convinced? Have a read of Younger Skin in 28 Days, a new book by best-selling author and nutritionist, Karen Fischer, who makes a convincing case for her belief that “Your best weapon against skin ageing is your fork!”

Australian Fitness Network, Summer 2013

Metropol, Canterbury NZ – 10 October 2013