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Skin Care Benefits of Applying Clay Mask

Do you know the benefits of clay? Clay is popularly used to improve the condition of the skin and hair. Kaolin and bentonite are types of clay that are commonly added as an ingredient to make clay facial masks. In this article, we will share with you the potential benefits of clay masks. You will also learn how clay facial masks can prevent acne and remove excess oil from the skin.

Skin Care Benefits of Applying Clay Mask

Benefits of Clay Masks for Acne

Korean clay masks are effective in absorbing excess oil from the skin. Women around the world use clay facial masks to prevent pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. When someone doesn’t take care of their face, they have to deal with acne problems. Thus, it is important to include clay masks in the bucket if you regularly deal with skin problems.

We recommend you mix clay powder and warm water to treat acne spots and blackheads. The heat will remove the dirt and oil from the face. However, if you have a severe problem, consult a skin doctor for the best treatment. A clay mask might not be effective in targeting the root cause of the acne.

Clay Mask Treats Oily Skin

When someone applies a clay mask to the face, it absorbs the excess oil present inside the pores. If you want to make the skin dry, apply a green clay mask. Many people with oily skin use this mask to unclog pores. You should apply a clay mask twice every week to get better results. (more…)

Gel Nail Polish vs. Classic Nail Polish: Which Should You Use

When it comes to getting your nail manicure done, there are a number of options available that, at some point, it can be hard for you to decide which one to choose. All the fashion lovers know how the range of nail polishes has increased dramatically since the last decade and is still getting more revolutionized.

gel nail polish DND

From those fake nails to the natural nail polish options, you have so many manicure options that you can make a choice from. But one of the main nail polish trends that is always in fashion is the traditional and classic nail polish. Nowadays, another nail trend that is quite high in demand is gel nail polish.

So, what is the difference between these simple nail polishes and the DND nail polish gel? Scoop in more below to find the answer to your question.

The difference between these simple nail polish and gel nail polish DND

Classic Nail Polish

The classic nail polishes have been in fashion since the earliest era of manicures and have always been a fashion nail staple. In the simpler times, these nail polishes were made from natural and organic materials like dyes as well as beeswax, which with the passage of time, evolved into the traditional nail polishes that have been quite popular among all generations. (more…)

10 Nail Polish Brands with Long-lasting Products

The at-home manicure is an interest many of us found ourselves busy in. the satisfaction and happiness you get when you have done your nails beautifully are euphoric for many of us. Although many of us have become experts in manicures, now comes the difficult part.

Choosing the perfect nail polish brand for your beautiful nails. Let us be honest, none of us likes it when we spend our valuable time grooming our nails only to find the nail polish itself peeling off or chipping away within a day. Choosing the best nail polish brand can be more difficult than doing the task itself.

Our nails are known to absorb anything that is applied to them due to their porous nature. Thus one must be careful when deciding what exactly you are applying to them. All this can appear as the smoke of confusion. As a reason, we are here today to help you with choosing the best nail polish brand for your nails. Here are our top 10 recommended nail polish brands to make your nails even more beautiful.

OPI Gel Color Set

OPI Gel Color Set

Anyone who has done a manicure before must have thought about the OPI gel color set. They are a favorite among many users and have gained massive popularity in a photoperiod. (more…)

Benefits of the Lavis Dip System (LDS)

LDS, which means Lavis Dip System, is known worldwide for its top-quality manicure products, most especially the dip powder. They make manicure products like nail polishes and dip powders.

You can apply LDS dip powder on the nails with nail glue, and thus the results are long-lasting on the pin. This powder comes in several colors, slightly like gel color.

LDS is an excellent choice for those that detest the acrylic aroma of nail enamel, and thus the powder doesn’t require curing by UV light, unlike gels. Lots of people prefer LDS dipping powder because they fear health damages from UV light.

LDS commenced the assembly of nail dip powders after they discovered the innovations. Their vast experience made them see dip powders as an excellent alternative. They need a passion for improving the standard of products for his or her customers.

The company knew what proportion nail beautification means to women. They took time to study women’s plight; they realized that girls want to beautify their nails without the fear of aftermath harming their health. This study pushed them to form the primary LDS solution. They announced the answer, LDS dip powder, one of the leading dip powder brands like other nail enamel brands. LDS dip powder is different from regular manicure products. It’s made from powder rather than gel polish.

After applying the bonding liquid, you’d wish to dip your nails within the powder and repeat the tactic till you’ve your nice desired nail look.

Are Polishes and Gels Better than LDS Dip Powder?

Many customers and celebrities prefer LDS as their for nail manicures. Most users like LDS dipping powders due to the numerous benefits they get from it over the dip powders. Read further to know more of those reasons:

The most noticeable benefit of dip powders is that it doesn’t expose the nails to Ultraviolet rays. Exposure to UV rays can make the calls malfunction, often the main point of dipping powders. (more…)

Best Skin Care Products for After a Tattoo

Top 5 Best Skin Care Products for After a Tattoo

When you get a tattoo done, one of the essential things any professional artist will tell you is how crucial the aftercare is. It takes about four to six weeks to heal the tattoo entirely, and the common mistake that you won’t have to make is not to let it dry. After getting inked, the primary purpose is to avoid getting spots and scars on the design. For that, you need to use some products that will not only fasten the healing process but also prevent unwanted lines to appear on the design.

Here are 5 skin care products that you can use after a tattoo.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly

Amazon best-selling product B018SYNUCE

Vaseline jelly gives your tattoo skin the all-day moisture that it needs. Cocoa butter is known to nourish the skin and keep it visibly healthy. After the tattoo process, our skin gets a little hard, and some fine, dry lines appear over time. This jelly reduces the appearance of those lines and keeps the skin glowing all day long.

Made with a unique triple purification process, the petroleum jelly is guaranteed for its purity. Its long-lasting moisturizing effects keep your skin healthy and maintain the shine of your new ink. Additionally, the cocoa butter jelly softens your skin with superior quality ingredients.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion

Amazon best-selling product B00JRT38VI

Enriched with vitamin E, Palmers’ cocoa butter lotion helps to smooth and soften the skin. It not only provides you a youthful appearance but also helps to diminish the stretch marks. Known for its pleasant fragrance, this lotion absorbs quickly and fastens the process of healing the skin.

After getting tattooed, you may get some unsightly spots that can be rid of by using this lotion. It provides 24-hour moisture to the skin, which is very necessary for the tattoo to prevent infection. No paraben and phthalate have been used in this lotion to avoid itching and irritation.

Sky Organics Natural Cocoa Butter

Amazon best-selling product B0186TZYPC

100% raw, pure, and unrefined cocoa butter is the preeminent cocoa butter for tattoo. It is not a whipped body butter but is vegan as well as cruelty-free. You can apply it to the tattoo and keep it all the time moisturized. This fastens the healing process and locks the new ink in its place.

The multipurpose raw butter can be used for all body parts for long-lasting moisture. Not only this, but it also supports healthy-looking skin. The cocoa butter is solid at room temperature with a natural cocoa aroma. Warm it up with your hands and apply it over the tattooed area for intense moisture. (more…)

Best Tanning Tips

Top 6 Best Tanning Tips – You Need Know to Get That Healthy Tan

We all find a sun-kissed tan look lovely, and the golden glow catches everyone’s eye. The tan buffs struggle to find suitable products that would give them a healthy tan and sustain it for a longer time. To provide a solution to this struggle, here we are with our top picks of tanning products.

Best Products Use Before Self-Tanning

ArtNaturals Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

Amazon best-selling product B076DSRB6B

A chemical-free, natural scrubs with the goodness of essential oils to exfoliate your skin before tanning. The product contains Himalayan salts and minerals and hydrates your skin to the required extent and removes any kind of clogging. Besides providing soothing texture, this scrub also contains antioxidants to fight premature aging.

If you are looking for an exfoliator that would ensure even tanning and protect you from dryness and sunburn, this is an excellent steal for you.

California Tan Body Butter Exfoliator

Amazon best-selling product B005OHQUYE

Proper exfoliation is needed before and after a tan treatment. After- tan exfoliation helps in removing excess, uneven tan, and dark spots to give your skin a flawless look. The above-mentioned product contains aloe vera gel which is an excellent hydrating agent and imparts dark color, keeping your tan intact for a prolonged period. Due to the presence of SPF 15, you can use it in between your tanning sessions too and abstain from sunburns.

While cleansing your skin and adding hydration, the fine-grained volcanic stone would softly exfoliate without causing damage to the tan. If you are looking for a way to protect your skin from uneven tan, this is the best exfoliator for self-tanning. It would enhance pigmentation and leave you a smooth textured tan.

Jergens Exfoliating In-Shower Body Scrub

Amazon best-selling product B00Q23KKBI

The fruit extract in-shower scrub polishes all the rough patches on your body and prepare you for a smooth tan. This extract not only locks the hydration at your skin but also makes it more accepting towards tan coloring.  You would have an exceptional experience of freshness and softened skin after the use of this extract. The fresh agent is a relaxing agent and combined with the scrub, it would make your skin all prepped up for the tanning. For best results, pair the scrub with other Jergen products and witness the beautiful change in your skin. (more…)

Best Affordable Korean Skin Care

Top 6 Best Affordable Korean Skin Care for 2021

Korean beauty products have taken the world by storm with everyone wanting to know the secret behind the amazing skin that Koreans have! You are in luck today, here are some of the best skin care products on the Korean market researched for you! The icing on the cake is that, these products are both good for the skin and the wallet as they are very affordable.

Seoul Ceuticals: Marine plump and Glow Essence

Amazon best-selling product B07CXTLTKF

First of, there is a guarantee that there will be results within the first few days of use of this product or you get your money back! This product is infused with different nutrients that are all natural like Tamarind extract, Japanese green tea, Aloe Vera, cucumber extract and marine minerals. This essence comes as a spray you can either on or use your hands. This hydrating mist is non comedogenic and PH balanced making it usable on all skin types as an essence or toner.

Hanskin Hyaluron Skin Essence

Amazon best-selling product B07DZSZGM5

This is a real economic product as it boasts of 5 benefits in a single bottle. It is made from hyaluronic acid that attracts water into the skin to keep you moisturized all day. This product is also a layerable toner and essence too! It also contains no fragrances and is usable on all skin types. Use this product to have your skin looking elastic, soft, dewy and plump!

Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Amazon best-selling product B00PBX3L7K

If you get past the snail part, this is one of the best products on the market created for individual skin problems and is usable on all skin types .It has 96% of snail secretion that will keep you moisturized all day long whilst working to rejuvenate the skin. What’s more is that this is a cruelty free brand that repairs skin after break outs and soothes irritation. This is hands up, one of the best Korean essences. (more…)

Top 8 Best Light Therapy and Serums for Skin 2021

Phototherapy is everywhere, and its uses are infinite. It can make your skin healthier and young, using several colored lights. Several products claim to do this and require careful assessment while you invest in them. Along with the masks, using the serums will help in producing better results.

These are the best light therapy for skin – everything you need to know about LED skin treatments is provided below. Just check out the LED masks and the serums that you need to use for making your skin look youthful.

Led Face Mask, NEWKEY Led Light Therapy

Amazon best-selling product B01MDK70V9

The Newkey LED light face mask emits seven colors and treats several skin issues relates to those colors. Skin problems like acne, pigmentation, aging, and allergies are treated well using the light mask. It soothes, accelerates tissue metabolism, tightens skin, relaxes, improves collagen production, improves lymph metabolism, and increases the blood flow.

Korean PDT technology is used in this mask for treating acne by killing bacteria and rejuvenating the skin. Due to all these advantages, it is the best LED light therapy mask of the currently available light therapy masks.

Project E Beauty LED Face Mask Light Therapy

Amazon best-selling product B06Y29W677

All skin suitable LED mask energizes the skin by increasing the blood flow. It revamps the appearance of the skin by stimulating collagen production, which tightens the skin and reduces wrinkles. Improvement in blemishes and the texture of your skin is possible when you use this mask consistently.

The seven lights emitted by this mask perform many actions, and each light produces a different result. You can focus on the particular issue your skin has and use the light responsible for addressing it.

LED Face Mask Light Therapy

Amazon best-selling product B08DLXWTB4

The LED light therapy can address anti-aging issues of the skin by rejuvenating it using the photon mask to tone and tighten the skin. The natural light waves are transmitted through the 150 pieces of LEDs of high quality, which do not heat up and are safe for your face. This colorful light beautifies your face by boosting your collagen and smoothes the skin texture. It is safe, secure, and natural, plus the device is durable for an extended period. (more…)

Choosing a Perfect Foundation for Textured Skin

Foundations give you a soft and graceful look, though not permanent, works as an instant solution. But things go south if you do not choose the right one to suit your skin. Notably, in the case of a textured skin, which has a reverse effect of intensifying your flaws, if you have not chosen the right product.

best foundation for textured skin

Hence, finding the best foundation for textured skin is a challenging task that requires proper knowledge of what to look for. Textured skin can occur due to a health issue, product allergy, clogged pores, acne, over or under exfoliation and even pollution like issues. You can face textured skin at one or the other phase of your life, and you must prepare yourselves on how to deal with it.

What Qualities Should a Perfect Foundation for Textured Skin Contain?

You need to counter the pores, dead cells, wrinkles, small bumps, and scars effectively, using the foundation to form a smooth base for further makeup. While you are buying a foundation, look for the below requirements. Though all features are not found in a single product having most of these qualities and ingredients will do.

Label Requirements

  • SPF protection of 15+
  • Clinically tested for safety
  • Anti-allergen
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge-free

General Requirements

  • Long-lasting
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Full coverage
  • Hydrates
  • Moisturizes

External Application or Internal Intake Both Matter During Pregnancy

Whatever you eat or drink while you are pregnant has a direct effect on your health as well as the baby’s health. Many mothers are aware of the foods that do not go well with their bodies and avoid them to keep their little one safe.

calcium tablets during pregnancy

Know It

Are you aware that not only food that you intake but also the cosmetics you use on your body externally are also liable to cause damage? Yes, the external application does involve complications as the skin absorbs it and there are several skincare products not compatible with pregnant women.

Safety First

Ranging from everyday products to specialized skin care products for specific issues, every single product needs to be checked. After all, it is about your baby, and that does not mean completely giving up your beauty regime but just being careful. There are things like pregnancy safe face masks and pregnancy safe body lotions etc. that can help you keep going safely.