Best Tanning Tips

Top 6 Best Tanning Tips – You Need Know to Get That Healthy Tan

We all find a sun-kissed tan look lovely, and the golden glow catches everyone’s eye. The tan buffs struggle to find suitable products that would give them a healthy tan and sustain it for a longer time. To provide a solution to this struggle, here we are with our top picks of tanning products.

Best Products Use Before Self-Tanning

ArtNaturals Himalayan Salt Body Scrub

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A chemical-free, natural scrubs with the goodness of essential oils to exfoliate your skin before tanning. The product contains Himalayan salts and minerals and hydrates your skin to the required extent and removes any kind of clogging. Besides providing soothing texture, this scrub also contains antioxidants to fight premature aging.

If you are looking for an exfoliator that would ensure even tanning and protect you from dryness and sunburn, this is an excellent steal for you.

California Tan Body Butter Exfoliator

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Proper exfoliation is needed before and after a tan treatment. After- tan exfoliation helps in removing excess, uneven tan, and dark spots to give your skin a flawless look. The above-mentioned product contains aloe vera gel which is an excellent hydrating agent and imparts dark color, keeping your tan intact for a prolonged period. Due to the presence of SPF 15, you can use it in between your tanning sessions too and abstain from sunburns.

While cleansing your skin and adding hydration, the fine-grained volcanic stone would softly exfoliate without causing damage to the tan. If you are looking for a way to protect your skin from uneven tan, this is the best exfoliator for self-tanning. It would enhance pigmentation and leave you a smooth textured tan.

Jergens Exfoliating In-Shower Body Scrub

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The fruit extract in-shower scrub polishes all the rough patches on your body and prepare you for a smooth tan. This extract not only locks the hydration at your skin but also makes it more accepting towards tan coloring.  You would have an exceptional experience of freshness and softened skin after the use of this extract. The fresh agent is a relaxing agent and combined with the scrub, it would make your skin all prepped up for the tanning. For best results, pair the scrub with other Jergen products and witness the beautiful change in your skin.

Best Products for Self-Tanning

Maui Island Secret After Sun Tan Sealer

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If you have dry skin and are afraid after-effects of a deep tan, this product is just for you. Enriched with natural ingredients like Green tea extract, Sunflower oil, Vitamin A, Shea butter, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, you will not have to worry about your tan anymore. This wonderfully scented lotion would help your skin heal from the elemental damage of the sun and lock the tan.

To get a perfect blend of moisturized skin and a healthy tan, this is a must-have item. Without wasting much time, get yourself this treat, and unlock the secret of achieving a beautiful, natural tan

Lot 2 Ed Hardy Obnoxious Indoor Tanning Lotion

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Manufactured by Ed Hardy, this product is one of the best indoor tan accelerator. Offering Bronzing Tingle Formula, infused with Mangosteen, it gives both immediate and delayed bronzing results. Skin tends to get dry after the tanning process, but this lotion’s application would ensure skin hydration for a long time. As it contains antioxidants, it has anti-aging properties as well.

If you can handle mild tingling sensations, this is the best item for you to achieve the desired tan.

Australian Gold Gelee Tanning Accelerator

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Loaded with a delightful tropical scent, this tanning lotion will get you to attain a beautiful tan while protecting your skin from sun damage. Your skin cells generation will get boost up, and you will obtain a much darker tan even days after application. The product contains vitamin A and E and ensures that your tanning process is smooth and your skin is never dry.

Whether you go for an indoor tanning or outdoor one, this lotion would help you achieve a flawless, natural tan. As it doesn’t contain mineral oil, there is no special care needed.


As much fun and exciting as the tanning process looks, it’s a tedious job to do it the right way. We hope our recommended products would make your tanning process a little less tiring and help you get a healthy, golden- brown shine for the desired period.