Find the Perfect Solution for Dark Spots

Skin discoloration is a predominant problem amongst many men and women. There are several reasons, which trigger in the formation of such hyperpigmentation and dark spots or patches in the skin. We understand dealing with such mismatched skin tone becomes painful and sad at times. Here we will provide you a detailed explanation about the causes and necessary solutions about dark spots in the skin.

Solution for Dark Spots

Causes of Dark Spots

In the beginning, you will notice pimples or light patches in your skin. This may also look like insect bites. Gradually it turns into skin color fading. Often it happens during hormonal changes or in pregnancy. Inflammation, sunburn, or even genetics can result in skin color change. In the preliminary stage, you can treat this condition to avoid breakouts. If you notice skin color fading more, then you should talk to your dermatologist for the necessary medication.

Fading Happens Gradually

If you find a skin spot that is a shade or two lighter/darker than your original tone, it might take 6-12 months to fade more.  In many cases, fading can happen very slowly and takes almost a year. There are necessary treatments for dark spots and hyperpigmentation. However, you should know that dark spots or skin discoloration can happen at any age.

Skin Treatment

It does not matter if you are visiting your dermatologist or ding skincare at home; a substantial moisturizer is necessary. A sunscreen-based moisturizer should be applied every time you step out of your home.

Daily use of this sunscreen can soothe your skin and protect the tissues from getting damaged from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen that does not result in clogging pores.

Ingredients in the Face Cream

You have to eradicate the skin products that are causing the discoloration. Try investing in skin lightening creams and lotions. IF you have sensitive skin, then go for a mild sensitive skin night cream that has no chemicals. Again, skin lotions containing Vitamin C, kojic acid, glycolic acid is essential for you to treat the spots well.

Never buy any skin product that has mercury in the composition. Remember, liquid bleach is a strict no for your sensitive acne-prone skin. It triggers the dark spots into lousy conditions.


While going out for any party, you can surely go for makeup. Choose light contour creams and foundations. Hyperpigmentation concealer is best for your deformed skin. It can soothingly cover the base of the dark spots. They can also hide the fine lines or wrinkles if you have any.


Vitamin C based toners can cleanse your skin thoroughly. It also helps in maintaining the ph level of your skin. If you are suffering from hyperpigmentation, do not go for serums or products that can dry out the flakes. Rosewater is an excellent option to go for the safe side.

Sheet Masks   

If you are too lazy to invest in skincare toners or cleansers, then you can also try face sheet masks; applying these once or twice a week can fetch you better results. They also work as beautiful exfoliators as well. Try using them overnight to get a healing effect in the morning.


Include lots of green vegetables and seasonal fruits in your food habit. It is necessary to have a considerable amount of water to improve the blood circulation of the body. If your body releases the required toxins then you can get radiant skin without any spots.

You can also try to lower the dark spots several home methods. Exfoliation of the dead cells generates new skin. Therefore, you can use gentle scrubbers for this purpose. Aloe Vera, buttermilk helps in nourishing the skin growth and reduces spots as well.