External Application or Internal Intake Both Matter During Pregnancy

Whatever you eat or drink while you are pregnant has a direct effect on your health as well as the baby’s health. Many mothers are aware of the foods that do not go well with their bodies and avoid them to keep their little one safe.

calcium tablets during pregnancy

Know It

Are you aware that not only food that you intake but also the cosmetics you use on your body externally are also liable to cause damage? Yes, the external application does involve complications as the skin absorbs it and there are several skincare products not compatible with pregnant women.

Safety First

Ranging from everyday products to specialized skin care products for specific issues, every single product needs to be checked. After all, it is about your baby, and that does not mean completely giving up your beauty regime but just being careful. There are things like pregnancy safe face masks and pregnancy safe body lotions etc. that can help you keep going safely.

Precaution Is Best

Choosing safe pregnancy products and minimizing unnecessary product usage is the best way of living during pregnancy. Now that you realized the chemicals could be ingested not only orally but also through the skin, you will surely be careful the next time you choose what to use on your body or hair.

High Risk

Though everyday products have a lesser risk, you should concentrate more on specialized products like anti-aging cream or acne-related treatments. As they contain skin altering elements, they involve some severe actions such as rapid cell division. This may be received by the cells forming the baby, and the supplement of the wrong element signals otherwise causing congenital disabilities.

Avoid the below ingredients strictly.

  • Vitamin A
  • Retinoids
  • Salicylic acid
  • Soy-based products
  • Oil of bergamot

The above are must avoid things but still not the exhaustive list. Though they cover most of the essential products generally used. So, it is better to stick by-products marked Pregnancy safe face masks rather than risking; after all, it lasts for a few months.

Intake of Supplements

Supplements like iron and calcium are generally prescribed for pregnant women to aid the growth of their babies. But anything done without doctors’ supervision is not as safe as you need to know that taking higher doses or lower doses has adverse results.

Why Is Calcium Required?

Calcium is required to form bones and teeth of the baby, and your body provides it to the baby. If you fail to give enough through the food, your body does not hesitate to scrape off calcium from your bones and offer it to the baby. Remember, your body switches to baby priority mode when you are pregnant.

Hence you mustn’t lose your bone strength while providing your baby and therefore needs to be supplemented. When given in the right dosage, calcium tablets during pregnancy helps both you and your baby to keep good bone strength and thrive. Calcium also plays a significant role in maintaining some functional programs of your body.

How Else Can You Get Calcium?

The daily requirement is 100mg to 1300mg, depending on the age. Taking calcium-rich foods like dairy and green leafy vegetables is good. Also, calcium-fortified cereals and fruit juices can be useful but do check for preservatives and sugar content in processed food.

As you can never gain enough from food and since no food contains high sufficient to achieve required calcium goals, taking best calcium tablets during pregnancy is a must.

Choose wisely and be informed about the risks of every product or supplement and its effect on your growing baby. So, this will save you a lot of regrets later.