Gel Nail Polish vs. Classic Nail Polish: Which Should You Use

When it comes to getting your nail manicure done, there are a number of options available that, at some point, it can be hard for you to decide which one to choose. All the fashion lovers know how the range of nail polishes has increased dramatically since the last decade and is still getting more revolutionized.

gel nail polish DND

From those fake nails to the natural nail polish options, you have so many manicure options that you can make a choice from. But one of the main nail polish trends that is always in fashion is the traditional and classic nail polish. Nowadays, another nail trend that is quite high in demand is gel nail polish.

So, what is the difference between these simple nail polishes and the DND nail polish gel? Scoop in more below to find the answer to your question.

The difference between these simple nail polish and gel nail polish DND

Classic Nail Polish

The classic nail polishes have been in fashion since the earliest era of manicures and have always been a fashion nail staple. In the simpler times, these nail polishes were made from natural and organic materials like dyes as well as beeswax, which with the passage of time, evolved into the traditional nail polishes that have been quite popular among all generations.

These simple nail polishes come at quite affordable prices and can be easily found at any beauty store or even at a drugstore. The main quality of the nail polishes is that they are very convenient to use, apply and even remove whenever you want.

All you have to do is to apply a thin coat or layer of these colored nail polishes over your natural nails in order to make them look pretty. The classic nail polish can last upto a few days, and after some time, it starts getting chipped off even with the application of a topcoat or additional coat.

However, they are quite easy to apply, and you can change their color according to your mood. You can easily take it off by simply dabbing the acetone on your nails. The drawbacks of these nail polishes include that they take long enough time to get dry perfectly and still chip off after even a few days of application.

Gel Nail Polish

While on the other hand,  gel nail polishes have become an attraction in the nail market just recently and have gained a lot of popularity and love. It has now certainly become one of the staples of most nail bars and salons due to its amazing range of DND gel polish colors and quality.

The DND gel nail polish is generally thicker than ordinary nail polishes, and their primary features involve drying them quickly and staying longer than the traditional nail polishes.

Some of the benefits of using gel nail polishes are:

Dry Quickly: Since the density of gel nail polishes is thicker than the regular ones, the gel nail manicure does not dry out naturally and has to be put under the UV light lamp in order for it to get dry. The curing process or drying process of this nail polish involves a LED or UV light that is used to activate the chemical process of the gel polish to get dry.

Just after that, this nail polish dries out quickly and you do not have to wait for a longer time to get dry and make it smudge-free.

Last Longer: Another great benefit of getting gel nail polish done is that it has a quality of lasting longer as it does not chip off quite easily and can last upto two weeks to even a month easily. This helps you save a lot of time, money, and effort of getting your manicure done every other week, that too, along with making your nails look prettier.

The only long-term drawback is that your nails will eventually grow out, and the removal process of these nail polishes are slightly longer than normal.


The gel nail polish DND manicures are stronger than the normal ones and can last easily between 2-3 weeks without getting chipped. You can carry your gel nails just like your normal nail polish but with the ease of not having to get it done every other day.

In addition to that, gel nail polish has a wide variety of color options that would look extremely classy and chic, and you can wear them according to your fashion demands.

However, it is to remember that although they look extremely classy and are quite easy to cary around, wearing these gel nail polish too much can weaken your nails and make them thinner due to their hard and long removal process. Also, getting your hands exposed to UV rays every now and then can turn out to be quite dangerous, and in some cases, it can also cause severe diseases like skin cancer.