What are SNS Nails?

SNS Nails

SNS nails are the newest fashion in the world of manicure. It is a new name for a kind of dip powder product, though other manufacturers refer to it as SNS nails as well.     

It is essential to get your nails fortified while getting your manicure done, giving an appearance of a caked manicure. However, unlike typical gel nails, SNS nails do not cause any harm or damage to your fingernails. Also, there is no need for an extra gear of LED light or UV light.

SNS nails are used in combination with gel foundation, and then dipped to a powder. This powder can be filled with calcium and other elements like Vitamin E, which is known to help strengthen nails.

Many products are of the claim that dip powders are ‘all-natural.’ In this case, not all SNS nail products are 100% organic.    

After dipping these nails in powder, they become harder quickly. The dip powder has a thinner effect over the nail when compared to other manicures, giving a robust, natural, and elastic look overall.

Benefits of SNS nails

Below are some benefits of SNS nail.

Natural Look of Your Nails

It gives a new natural look to your nails because of its thin texture when compared to the nails.    

Extra Strong Nails

SNS nails make your nails more flexible and powerful, as no false nail is needed in this nail system.       

Safer than any Other Option

This nail system is safe to use and much more reliable than any other as there’s no possibility of nails getting broken. Your nails are secure from UV radiation.


The SNS nail system makes your nails more potent because of substances embedded in it like Titanium Dioxide and Benzoyl Peroxide. There’s no use of delicate materials that can cause damage to your nails.

Nail Care After removal of SNS Nails

As soon as your SNS nails are off, you may wish to grow your nails. Exposure of your natural nails to chemicals and solvents can have detrimental effects, with chances of your hands appearing unhealthy. Now is the time to help your nails recover.

First, pat your hands dry. You’re ready to repair and replenish your hands. Make a combination of dome drops of coconut oil and tea tree oil, massaging your nails to help fight off fungal infections.

Then, apply a mixture of almond and lavender oil on your nails and cuticles to help reduce inflammation and fight infections. Nourishing your nails is very important as it makes them soft and clean, as well.      

If you discover that there are white spots on your nails, you may want to quit from SNS nails a bit.

Tips for Naturally Beautiful Nails

Use a moisturizer

When massaging your hands with oil or lotion, ensure to get it to the cuticles and nails as well. Washing your hands regularly or using a sanitizer may cause dryness of skin and nails, therefore try moisturizing after washing. Another viable option is coconut for messaging nails and cuticles.  

Take Care of your cuticles

Cuticles serve as barriers for germs; therefore trimming them off is quite dangerous. Avoid clipping them during manicure to prevent acquiring infections. You can moisten them regularly, pushing them back and getting rid of dead skin. If you intend using a traditional means of manicure, protect your cuticles by using olive or coconut oil supplements to reduce the quantity of a compound that gets soaked in by the DND gel polish.        

Choose a good remover

Use an acetone-free remover. It is less harsh on the nails.

Eat well

To have healthy nails, one must maintain a healthy diet. Proteins are essential, just like omega-3 fatty acids. Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, and vitamin A helps make your nails stronger and more beautiful.


Following the procedures and ideas mentioned above, you can quickly get rid of your SNS nails yourself. You can get the same outcome as in a salon all from the comfort of your home. You can as well take proper Care of your nails after removing a manicure. With all this expert knowledge, you don’t need to visit a salon frequently anymore.